50 4 50 – Our 50th Birthday

Starting from 8pm on Friday the 1st of October until 10pm on Sunday the 3rd of October Hospital Radio Ipswich did 50 solid hours of back to back live broadcasting to celebrate 50 years of broadcasting to the Patients of Ipswich Hospitals.
50 hour for 50 years hence 50 4 50.
Here are pictures of all the presenters taking part.
Friday 8-10pm – John Cordell with Something for the Weekend.
John started the 50 hour weekend off with his usual weekly slot.
Friday and Saturday 10pm to midnight – Night Moods with Moira Burt
Moira normally does Monday night. Here she was with her own selection of late night easy listening.
You can catch Moira at 8pm every Monday night.
Saturday and Sunday midnight to 2am – Midnight Classics with John Alderton
HRI’s own classical expert presented a special late night selection.
You can normally hear John at 2 pm everyday.
Saturday and Sunday 2am to 5am – Rufus Spivey Green
Rufus presenting the Time Capsule.
You can normally hear Rufus presenting the Wednesday night request show.
Saturday and Sunday 5am to 9am – Breakfast with Mark Eley
Mark presenting an extended edition of the breakfast show. On Saturday he had a link-up with BBC Radio Suffolk.
Mark presents the breakfast show from 6am to 8:30am 7 days a week.
Saturday 9am to midday – Through the Morning with Mark Keable
Mark doing his first show on Hospital Radio Ipswich for several years. Between 11am and 11:30am he had a simulcast with BBC Radio Suffolk.
Saturday midday to 1pm – Tom Hunt MP
Saturday 1pm to 3pm – Patrick Eade
Patrick pictured above with special guest Mick Mills.
Patrick can usually be heard on the Tuesday night request show from 8pm, or you can hear him on “The Gentle Breeze” everyday from 4pm.
Saturday 3pm to 4pm – All That Jazz
Mike Bugg pictured presenting a special edition of the Jazz show.
Mike can be heard every day of the week at 5pm with the Jazz Show except for Saturday.
Saturday 4pm to 5pm – Marty Wilde
Marty Wilde remembered the year that Hospital Radio Ipswich started – 1971.
Marty can be heard at 3pm everyday of the week presenting “The Time Machine”.
Saturday 5pm to 7pm – Gemma G
Gemma G goes back to her Hospital Radio Ipswich roots remembering the children’s show – “The Tiger Club”.
Gemma normally does a request show between 5 and 7pm on a Saturday.
Saturday 7pm to 10pm – The HRI Top 50 All Time Requested Tracks
Here is Derick Holman presenting a run down of the 50 most requested tracks at Hospital Radio Ipswich.
Derick presents “The Stretch” each day of the week at 7pm, and “The Insomniacs Toolkit” at 4am every day of the week.
The Friday through-the-night presenters came back for Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Sunday 9am to midday – The Return of the Foz
Stephen Foster returned to the station he started his radio career at. Between 11am and 11:30am he had the second simulcast with BBC Radio Suffolk.
Sunday midday to 2pm – The Alborough Festival
L-R. Stephen Foster (Foz), John Alborough, Peter Robinson, Bernie Ulph, Jonathan Murphy and Paul Brown
John Alborough spoke with Peter Robinson, Bernie Ulph, Jonathan Murphy and Paul Brown.
The Alborough Festival can normally be heard at 8pm on Thursday night.
Sunday 2pm to 4pm – The World of Stage and Screen
Mike Bugg is back again with his other show.
Stage and Screen is normally on at midday each day of the week.
Sunday 4pm to 8pm – The HRI Top 50 Most Requested Artists
Stu Chisholm shown presenting numbers 50 through 26 of the HRI top 50 most requested artists of all time.
Stu Chisholm shown presenting numbers 50 through 26 of the HRI top 50 most requested artists of all time.
Tim Ward takes over to complete the countdown to number 1.
Tim normally presents “The Library” daily at 10am.
Sunday 8pm to 10pm – Peter Green
Peter Green does the last 2 hours of the 50 hour broadcast.
Peter does the Sunday night request show every Sunday at 8pm.