Streaming Service

For many years now Hospital Radio Ipswich has broadcast to the patients of all ages throughout the hospital and contributed to their well being and recovery.

In recent times the average stay in hospital has reduced significantly as treatment becomes more sophisticated and the need to remain in the hospital is no longer as necessary with care in the community an alternative way to continue treatment.

The use of specialist care facilities has also increased and all beyond the availability of Hospital Radio.

Add to this the numerous requests we get from relatives that would like to dedicate music to patients within the hospital and be able to hear the song played for their loved one we now have a major incentive to widen our service to include these people.

As we want to remain a dedicated Hospital / care radio service the obvious solution to reach our target audience is via the Internet rather that the more general “FM” community radio avenue.

Therefore, we have now introduced an “Online” streaming service…. Just click the button at the top of this page or to the right marked LISTEN LIVE. A separate window will open with our radio player (don’t forget to turn your volume on). If you experience any problems or difficulties please contact us via our CONTACT page.