Record Library

We at HRI are justly proud of our extensive record library, which includes over 80,000 tracks and covers a wide range of music, which is just as well, as we get asked for all sorts of music by the patients.

The music ranges from pre-war to the current chart tracks and includes all types of musical styles, so we are usually able to satisfy the patients requests.

We have a large number of vinyl tracks on singles and albums and continue to update our library with CD’s and downloads.

To enable us to find a particular track instantly, we have all our tracks listed by artist or title on our computer system and as well as items stored in the library, we have up to 4,000 tracks stored on our computerised studio playout system for even quicker access.

We have been told that we have a larger collection than that of Radio Suffolk and local commercial stations put together, in fact we have sometimes been asked to loan them some of our music.

Our library is there to serve the patients and to enable us to offer a varied choice ……why not give us a try and ring through a request for your own favourite – it’s a free call from your Hospedia unit on *800.

We look forward to hearing from you, remember Hospital Radio Ipswich is YOUR station and your bedside friend.